Online Learning Essential Agreements

Online Learning Essential Agreements

As online learning continues to gain popularity, it has become increasingly important to establish clear agreements between instructors and students. These essential agreements define the expectations and responsibilities of both parties, ensuring a positive and productive online learning experience. Here, we discuss some of the most important essential agreements for online learning.


One of the most important essential agreements for online learning is communication. Instructors and students must agree on the channels and frequency of communication. This includes emails, discussion forums, and video conferencing. Instructors should provide clear expectations for response times and students must commit to checking their messages regularly.


Online learning requires active participation from students. Instructors must establish clear expectations for participation, such as the number of forum posts or group projects per week. Additionally, students must ensure that they are actively engaged in the learning process by attending live sessions and completing the required coursework.

Technical Requirements

Online learning requires access to a computer, reliable internet, and specific software. Instructors must provide clear instructions on technical requirements and ensure that students have access to any necessary resources such as online tutorials. Students must commit to having the necessary technology and troubleshooting any issues that may arise.

Academic Honesty

Instructors must establish clear guidelines for academic honesty, including definitions of plagiarism and consequences for violating these guidelines. Students must commit to upholding these standards, completing all work individually and appropriately citing any sources used.


Online learning must be accessible to all students, regardless of ability status. Instructors must provide alternative formats for materials and ensure that the online platform is easily navigable for students with disabilities. Students must communicate any accessibility needs to the instructor and actively seek out necessary accommodations.


Establishing essential agreements is critical for successful online learning. Clear communication, active participation, technical requirements, academic honesty, and accessibility are just a few of the essential agreements that must be established and agreed upon by both instructors and students. These agreements ensure a positive and productive online learning experience for all involved.

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